About Roomza, Inc.

We're creating a travel ecosystem where everyone wins.


We have two missions.
One for the world, and one for us.

Roomza was started to make life better for the people who work in hotels, and for the people who stay in them

We deliver on our mission by putting our Hosts first, and trusting them to put our guests first. By building our Company around this philosophy, we're creating value for everyone involved at Roomza – shareholders and stakeholders alike.


A passionate team

Curtis Crimmins

Founder & Head Host

Samantha Spring, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Razvan Raoof

Head of Safety & Security

Timothy Bilyeu

Head of Hotel Development

Trevor Carter

Head of People

Gina Bilyeu

Head of Business Operations

Our core behaviors

Our 5 Core Behaviors — because values mean nothing without action.
1. Put people first in everything we do
We're building Roomza to prove that business can do well by doing good. That means looking at every choice through a human & social impact lens first, then acting.
Curtis Crimmins
Founder & Head Host
2. Practice extraordinary kindness
Because kindness is contagious, and helps us achieve both of our missions.
Samantha Spring
Chief Financial Officer
3. Be radically candid
Inspired by Kim Scott’s book Radical Candor, we care personally and challenge directly so we can improve not only ourselves, but also our guest's experience.
Razvan Raoof
Head of Hotel Safety & Security
4. Move intentionally fast
The sooner we launch, the sooner we can start learning — and making Roomza better for you.
Timothy Bilyeu
Head of Development
5. Dream big
Our mission is bold, so our dreams need to be big too. Even when we tackle small tasks, we do it because they unlock bigger things.
Gina Bilyeu
HR & People Ops