How does Roomza work?

Search & confirm your Roomza quickly
Find a Roomza in your destination for your dates of stay. Book, pay, & confirm in less than 3 minutes. The rate you see is what you pay, everything included and with no surprises.
Enjoy a hotel-style contactless experience with transparent pricing & flexible terms
Checking into your Roomza is as easy as showing up. Just use your secure code, and you're all set. Not to worry, if you need help there's always someone nearby.
Checking out of your Roomza is better than easy – its rewarding for you & your Host
Your departure from Roomza is rewarding, for you and your Host! After letting us know about your stay, you'll reveal your Instant Reward and your Host's tip (paid by Roomza)
Oh, and it's all backed by an amazing guest support team, available anytime
Contactless doesn't mean connectionless at Roomza. Our friendly, helpful, Hosts are available to help 24/7, 265

Roomza is the on-demand hotel of the future, built for everyone – because hospitality shouldn't have barriers

A Roomza account or membership is not required to stay. Roomza does not condone discrimination of any kind. FYI: All pets always welcome 🐶

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Frequent traveler? Hotel diva?
Have it your way, every stay. Only pay for when you need the room & so much more.



per year, per member
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Assign Roomza at booking
  • Fully automated check-in
  • Instant rewards at check-out
  • Gift stays to family & friends
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Free for every employee, forever.

  • Every RoomzaFlex benefit
  • Centralized billing for all Roomza stays
  • No reimbursements or company credit card needed
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