Discover the world's most authentic, connected, and personalized hotel stays.

Find a Roomza in your next destination and experience the future of hotel travel, for less
The only surprise is the savings: choose your exact guest room from a floor plan, and set your check-in time
Roomza Hotels cost as much as 50% less than their competitors while offering a superior experience
The secret is distributed labor; a boring way to say that we just operate the hotels a lot better!

Discover a guest experience designed with one thing in mind: you.

Skip the front desk forever. Goodbye 👋🏽 to long lines. You'll use an app-based PIN for the duration of your stay, so no plastic keys.
No set check-in & out times for maximum flexibility. You only pay for when you're using the room with stays up to 24 hours
Premium amenities from brands like Microsoft® & Peloton®

Roomza reduces waste, promotes sustainability, and effects real social progress.

Our purpose-driven business model is a testament to our mission to create a more inclusive hotel industry, that celebrates the diversity and protects the dignity of the worker.
Set your check-out time and review your final room bill, then you're all set!
Since your phone is the key, you're helping us reduce thousands of pounds of hotel key plastic every year
Every Roomza employee owns a piece of the company, so we're all invested in a superior stay
At Roomza, there's room for everyone. We have a merit-only hiring procedure that puts people first

Every stay at Roomza contributes to real change

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