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What makes us different

Roomza Hotels are designed to meet the demands of travelers who want the consistency of a major hotel brand but with the flexibility of bed-and-breakfast booking platforms
Our Brands

Full or Partial Hotel Lease

Roomza operates and staffs all aspects of the hotel, and provides asset owners with a monthly payment in addition to profit sharing.

Tech Stack and Automation

Roomza reactivates lobbies and other under-utilized public spaces by leveraging its strategic partnerships to generate new revenue streams and reduce overhead costs.

Revenue Management

Repurposing common use areas, such as lobbies, allows Roomza to bring in other businesses to diversify revenue for the property.

Reservations, Sales & Marketing

Roomza has the same global reach as the big box brands without any of the downsides. Utilizing AI-assisted dynamic pricing to ensure that no money is left on the table.

Roomza Hotel Brands

Roomza currently features three hotel brands, set to debut in 2023, our Flagship Hotels, Courtesy Hotels, and TravelR. Each comes with an abundance of amenities, some fully customizable, all designed to deliver a unique hotel experience with Roomza.

Our Brands

Flagship Hotels Collection

At Flagship Hotels Collection by Roomza, we believe that life is meant to be lived in a space that reflects you.
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Courtesy Hotels & Resorts

Courtesy Hotels and Resorts is a hospitality brand that's here to turn the big box hotel chains on their heads.
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With TravelR, you can book an affordable stay in popular destinations and along busy travel routes in North America.
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